Software developed for proof of concept is NP-complete and not only complies with Boolean Formula Satisfiability but is zero defect. It can generate, calculate and delineate over 12.9 Novemdecillion equations with 100% accuracy. The linear algorithms are perfect.

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​IBM Blueprint 2120
 .... The Strategic Vision

IBM Blueprint 2020.........The Tactical Vision​​
(to be presented at shareholder's meeting)​

​IBM Blueprint 2000.............circa IBM 1993​​
Background Information on
William T. Voris
Should there be adequate interest IBM may be demonstrating the BRAIN at this conference. It is not associated with Watson, but represents more practical aspects of AI for IBM's customer base, utilizing many software products that are currently installed at large IT centers.

​​The BRAIN's three mainframes are fully programmable, and options are being considered for something called 'Verbal COBOL' and 'Verbal SQL' for the software development community, along with a GUI interface for zOS. To read about the BRAIN and see the connection with the paradigm of threes, click the think link.

IBM's (confidential) comment about IBM Blueprint 2000. "Normally when we discover something like this we find a room full of geniuses that have been locked up for years". Almaden Research comment about William T. Voris when he arrived to solve Y2K. "We can relax now, God has arrived". Voris is often called genius and even super genius, especially as it applies to IBM technology.
IBM Blueprint 2000 - The plan that saved IBM
Click these links for more paradigm of threes and a few pages from IBM Blueprint 2000, to see what Lou Gerstner saw in the mid 1990's.

Three Tier



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