Algorithm - ​​ (pronounced AL-go-rith-um) is a procedure or formula for solving a problem. The word derives from the name of the mathematician, Mohammed ibn-Musa al-Khwarizmi, who was part of the royal court in Baghdad and who lived from about 780 to 850.

P - Finding one solution to a problem, often the first in a sequence of solutions.

NP - Finding all solutions to a problem.

NP Complete - Searching all​​​​​​ potential areas where a solution may occur.

Polynomial Time - An algorithm or a solution to a problem that uses logic that is linear in design.

Exponential Time - ​​​​An algorithm or a solution that applies exponential logic.

Please note that the provided links for the Overview and also the Background do not necessarily coincide with those of the author who developed this solution. Moreover, to understand this proposed solution to P NP, the author, a computer scientist, has provided some specific nomenclature that differs from some of those who have attempted to define this problem. Additionally, for those that have interest in more than simply reading the white paper there is a DOS/Windows App that has been developed to provide proof of concept. The reason that the author developed software was to prove that the design of these algorithms work. Specifically, this white paper, or for that matter any white paper, may not be able to completely explain the solution. This occurs based on the fact that describing complex mathematical and computer processes and logic is almost impossible with words alone. The real proof of the solution therefore can only occur with those that take an interest in the software, for therein lies the real solution. A copy of this software is available, click this link for details.

Addendum: Other published material attached to the author's name, i.e. a book entitled The Elusive Paradox​​ is no longer in print. This self-published book was written as an experiment to determine if there was a market for the author's writing, as well as to go through the process of book publishing. The experiment was highly successful, but this book is not intended to be read. Some have described it as condescending, poorly written and ​​​
incomprehensible. Therefore is not recommended by the author. An attempt was made to revise and extract some of the more interesting aspects of the book in another book entitled The Crystal Wrists. This book is more focused and better written, but just as The Elusive Paradox, there appears to be no market for it. Note the link to this book is password protected so that it is not picked up by the internet browsers.  



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