William T. Voris
Futuristic Theorist

If you’re into religious prophecy, this book is for you. It defines the limits but also the opportunity of religion. As you read you become part of a process, with the goal to validate your faith. Much of Judaeo-Christian thought is about prophetic projection. Prophecy does not tell us about what we are, but what we will become. Our future exists in these words as the prognosticative code the Illuminati seek becomes obvious. Revelation’s mystery is revealed as the code interprets and then predicts the future. The code is so simple that many have missed it, but so powerful it changes the world.
The Crystal Wrists

Illuminati Code Revealed
For those that find the content of The Crystal Wrists compelling, you may want to purchase and read an earlier work entitled The Elusive Paradox. There is some overlap in the material, but it delves more deeply into the scientific aspects of biblical research. However, be advised that the material is complex, condescending and poorly written in some areas. The author acknowledges the imperfections of the work, however if you can get beyond the tedious writing style, the content is exceptional. 

Note for any other publishing agent that may be interested, the author is open for publication of The Crystal Wrists. Nevertheless, this work was not written for celebrity, but to inform believers that there is an Illuminati code. For those that see the code it also provides compelling scientific evidence for the existence of God.